The What and Why of Hair Closures

In South Africa and many other locations across the globe, hair closures are becoming increasingly popular, especially among women of color and African descent. The closures, which are usually attached to cornrows, provide many surprising benefits for wearers. Closures also have many advantages over traditional weaves, extensions, and wigs. Both are described in the list below.

Closures eliminate the need to heat, curl, style, or put chemicals in living hair. It allows real hair to rest, replenish, and grow with a soft covering of lace or silk. This can help damaged hair repair itself. Closures are also a quick correction for bad perms and haircuts, allowing the wearer to look great while letting the hair grow into a better shape.


Closures also actively protect hair that is brittle, weakened, and short. It provides a strong, protective barrier against the sun, friction from brushing, wind, cold, heat, and other things that can cause the damage that leads to hair loss.

A good lace closure keeps the roots visible. As a result, closures look more natural than wigs or other types of weaves and extensions.

Closures are stitched into the hair in a way that does not damages it. Since it is so securely fastened, it can be worn for many months. It can be washed, conditioned, and dried the same as one’s own hair. This allows wearers to keep their heads clean and maintain their closures for a long period of time.

Closures are sturdy and strong and will not come out with combing or styling. At the same time, closures are gentle on the base hair. Because closures are typically attached to tightly-woven hair like cornrows, they are especially secure.

Closures come in either lace or silk. Lace closures are lighter, thinner, and the line between real hair and closure is less visible and more easily hidden. They are easier to match to the real hair of the wearer. Silk closures do not require bleaching to match real hair. Both types of closure can be colored to match real hair, meaning one does not need to applying dying chemicals directly to the head.

In addition to Lace Closures, many suppliers provide extensions, weaves, wigs, and switches. Specialty hair replacement products, called virgin or remy, are made with real hair.

When looking for a lace frontals closure or other hair product, customers should seek out suppliers who understand the richness, texture, style, and unique needs of ethnic hair. Closures provide a multitude of styles while protecting this hair fromt he elements.

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